Nuffield Scholarships for Global Agriculture Studies

Ed Kee, retired UD vegetable specialist and former Secretary of Agriculture for Delaware

Nuffield International has opened applications for 2022 scholarships, and farmers and agricultural professionals are strongly encouraged to apply. Thanks to sponsoring organizations in the MidAtlantic region, a $25,000 scholarship is available for qualified applicants from Delmarva, Southeast Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

The Nuffield experience consists of the annual Nuffield Contemporary Scholars Conference in March in the United Kingdom. Approximately 75 scholars from 15 countries will be participating. The second leg of the journey is the Global Focus Program, where scholars are broken into groups of 10 for 4 to 5 weeks of travel to 4 or 5 countries. The final piece of the experience is Independent Study Program, in which scholars travel to 5 or 6 countries on their own in pursuit of their Study or Research Project. A 10,000-word report is required upon completion of the scholarship.

The global network through this expansive program provides scholars the chance to grow, implement operational changes at a business level and share new knowledge with other producers and the wider industry.

Further information and the application packet are available online at To gain a better understanding of the program, please feel free to contact 2017 Scholar, Georgie Cartanza, (302-632-3173 or or 2019 Scholar Susan Truhart Garey at 302-242-1510 or You are also encouraged to call Ed Kee, Nuffield USA Chairman at 302-222-0283.