Chlorpyrifos Update

David Owens, Extension Entomologist,

EPA announced last week that they plan to revoke food tolerances for chlorpyrifos, effective as early as this winter: This could effectively eliminate most uses between now and the next growing season. Stay tuned, there are several points of clarification that we are waiting for (remaining sites and use patterns, if any, existing stock drawdown). In the meantime, there are a couple dozen labeled products with chlorpyrifos active ingredient, including Cobalt, Frenzy Attack, Govern, Hatchet, Lambdafos, Lock-On, Lorsban, Match-Up, Saurus, Stallion, Storcide, Tundra Supreme, Vesper, Voltage Edurx, Vulcan, Warhawk, Whirlwind, and Yuma.