Guess The Pest! Week 6 Answer: Italian Ryegrass and Roughstalk Bluegrass

David Owens, Extension Entomologist,

Congratulations to Chris Burkhart and others for correctly identifying the grasses as Italian ryegrass and roughstalk bluegrass. All who guess correctly will be entered for an end of season jar of honey and a scouting toolkit.

This from Dr. Mark VanGessel:
Both Italian ryegrass and roughstalk bluegrass are often present at barley planting so “start clean” use glyphosate at planting or use tillage (although vertical tillage is often not sufficient to kill either species). There are no herbicide options for in-crop control of roughstalk bluegrass. For Italian ryegrass, an “Axial product” will provide good control, although there are populations on Virginia and in southern Maryland that are resistant to Axial.

Italian Ryegrass and Roughstalk Bluegrass

Italian Ryegrass and Roughstalk Bluegrass


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