Delaware Ag Week Agronomy Day

This year’s Agronomy Day/Soybean Session will be held virtually on January 20, 2021. Sessions will be live via zoom as morning (9-noon) and afternoon (1-4pm) sessions. Sessions will be available for DE Nutrient management and pesticide continuing education, and some recorded sessions will be available to view later.

Corn/Sorghum AM
9-noon(2 hours PM, 1 hour NM)

Corn Pathology
Corn Weed Management
Corn Entomology
Corn Nutrient Management

Sorghum Pathology
Sorghum Weed Management

Small Grain/Cover Crops/Soybeans PM
1-4 pm (2 hours PM, 1 hour NM)

Small Grain Pathology
Small Grain Weed Management
Small Grain & Cover Crop Nutrient Management

Soybean Pathology
Soybean Weed Management
Soybean Entomology
Soybean Nutrient Management