Guess the Pest! Week 25 Answer: Corn Earworm alias Soybean Podworm, etc. etc.

David Owens, Extension Entomologist,

Congratulations to Mike Webb for correctly identifying the damage to the soybean pod as being caused by either the corn earworm, aka the soybean podworm, cotton bollworm, tomato fruitworm, sorghum headworm, vetchworm…. Soon it will probably be called the hemp budworm. The photo also had a chunk missing out of a leaf which could have been caused by green cloverworm, corn earworm, or soybean looper. The field in which this photo was taken had soybean looper show up just after it was treated for corn earworm. Very few other worms or leaf feeding was observed prior to treatment, so this was probably looper.

Stay tuned for the revelation of this year’s Guess the Pest! 2020 prize winners.