Resources for 2020 Corn and Soybean Fungicide Recommendations

Alyssa Koehler, Extension Field Crops Pathologist;

Other than some cases of Pythium spp. in corn, we have observed very little disease in field crops so far this season. As growth progresses, we will continue to monitor for common foliar diseases. In fields where a fungicide application may be needed, the Crop Protection Network has multiple resources to aid in selection of fungicide products. The Corn Disease Working Group has recently updated the 2020 Fungicide Efficacy for Control of Corn Diseases.  In soybeans, the North Central Regional Committee on Soybean Diseases (NCERA-137) has updated recommendations for 2020 Fungicide Efficacy for Control of Soybean Foliar Diseases and 2020 Fungicide Efficacy for Control of Soybean Seedling Diseases. Each of these tables provide rating of product performance across multiple diseases based on trials conducted by Extension specialists across the country. In 2019, fungicide efficacy trials were conducted at the Carvel Research and Education Center. Results for the Soybean and Corn Foliar Fungicide Trials can be found at the Koehler Lab website

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