Command Label Change for Lima Beans

Mark VanGessel, Extension Weed Specialist;

FMC Corporation and Delaware Department of Agriculture collaborated on labeling Command 3ME for use on lima beans through the release of a 24(c) Special Local Need Label. The label is available online at

In the past, the Command 3ME label allowed use in lima beans, but this use was removed a couple of years ago. This new labeling essentially restores the previous use pattern. This labeling only applies to FMC’s brand of Command.

Command 3ME can be applied at 4 to 6 fluid ounces immediately after seeding, with the lower rate recommended for coarse-textured soils. This low rate does not provide control of pigweed species or most broadleaf weeds (including Palmer amaranth), rather it provides early-season weed suppression that allows for improved control with cultivation. This label also allows for planting lima beans 60 days after application in a preceding crop. This allows use for Command use in peas and planting lima beans at least 60 days later.

Currently this is only labeled in Delaware, but registration is pending in other states. Check the previously mentioned website for available labels.