Guess the Pest! Week 4 Answer: Bulbous Oatgrass

David Owens, Extension Entomologist,

Congratulations to John Swaine for correctly identifying the weed in question as bulbous oatgrass, Arrhenatherum elatius var. bulbosa. John will be entered for an end of season prize.

This from Mark VanGessel:
Bulbous Oatgrass is a perennial grass that emerges in the fall, flowers in the spring and senesces by summer. The stems are round, without auricles. The leaves are long (up to 12 inches in length) with few if any hairs on them. Seed heads are narrow and shiny; often with a faint purplish color. The root system includes distinctive corms that form short chains of 3 to 6 corms. These corms allow for vegetative reproduction of the plant.

knobby root things

grass plant in flower

seed head of grass plant

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