Building Resilience in Turbulent Times Sometimes Means Asking for Help

Maria Pippidis, Extension Educator Family & Consumer Sciences;

Being resilient means, you can face challenges and difficulties in life. We are all resilient in many ways but sometimes we are resilient in some ways but not in others. One way of being resilient is asking for assistance when you need it or just talking to someone who can support you. During these stressful times it is easy to get overwhelmed and not ask for things that you need. Delaware has many resources if you are finding you need a little help. Here are some resources you can link to:

During this time, so many events have been canceled or postponed. From weddings, fun outings, and happy family events to funerals. There may be feelings of grief or disappointment that are bringing you down. JFS OnCall may be just the help needed and is a free and confidential emotional support hotline. Call 302-781-4537 to speak with an experienced social worker. Hours of operation are 9:00am-9:00 pm. This line is appropriate for teens and adults.

With many households experiencing reduced income or lack of access to services the best place to find assistance is Delaware 211 This statewide resource can link you to all sorts of help including food, utility assistance, housing, health, mental health and many other categories. Dial 2-1-1 or…Dial 1-800-560-3372 or Text your Zip Code to 898-211. Tell them what you need and these wonderful helpers will get you connected to the right resources.

We need to start thinking of mental health like we do when we have something physically wrong with us. In the latter case we call the doctor. If you are feeling overwhelmed more than normal or depressed and not sure what to do. Or you are thinking about reaching out but not sure how, you are not alone. For some simple steps on how to reach out, check out this NPR article entitled “How to Start Therapy.”

The next step is getting connected to the right kind of mental wellbeing resources. Delaware Help is Here is a website that connects you with behavioral health, mental health or addiction help. Whether it is for you or a loved one, help is there to get you through a tough time. In New Castle County call 800-652-2929 and in Kent and Sussex counties call 800-345-6785. Of course, if it is an emergency you can call 911 or the mobile care crisis line 1-800-652-2929.

More resources can be found at

University of Delaware Covid19 resource page or at the

University of Maryland Extension Farm Stress Website

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