Guess the Pest! Weeks 18 & 19 Answers Green Stink Bug and Sorghum Anthracnose

David Owens, Extension Entomologist,

Congratulations to Jacob Urian for correctly identifying the stink bug species as a green stink bug. Jacob will be the proud recipient of a sweep net and entered into the end of year raffle. Green stink bugs come in two color morphs – the most common being green. A less common morph is orange.

The sorghum disease in the photo is that of sorghum anthracnose.

This from Alyssa Koehler:

Leaf spots on sorghum can be difficult to distinguish because multiple issues (pathogens, environmental stress, and herbicide injury) can present similar symptoms. Zooming into sorghum lesions can help with diagnosis. Inside of this lesion we are able to see pin cushion-like structures of Colletotrichum that causes leaf Anthracnose of Sorghum. More information on this disease is located in the article titled Diseases in Sorghum in last week’s issue of WCU 27:21.

Sorghum Anthracnose lesion magnified to view fungal structures