Vegetable Crop Insect Scouting

David Owens, Extension Entomologist;

Sweet Corn
Earworm catches in pheromone traps have decreased slightly, but still remain quite high. Vial testing on this week’s moths have resulted in about 40% survivorship. With cooler weather over the next few days, moth eggs will take a little longer to hatch than last week, and 3-day spray schedules will provide sufficient protection.

Trap Location BLT – CEW Pheromone CEW
3 nights total catch
Dover 6 105
Harrington 1 75
Milford 8 127
Rising Sun 7 134
Wyoming 2 73
Bridgeville 2 77
Concord 3 82
Georgetown 2 105
Greenwood 4  
Laurel 4 78
Seaford 2 38
Trap Pond 2 12
Lewes 9 270


Beet armyworm, corn earworm, and yellow striped armyworm are active in the area. Beet armyworm and corn earworm are resistant or less susceptible to pyrethroids. Early beet armyworm infestations sometimes draw leaves together and feed in groups before dispersing. There are numerous non-pyrethroid insecticides available from 8 different mode of action groups. Options can be found in the Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations: