Small and Mid-Size Farm Equipment Sharing Survey

Future Harvest: Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture is seeking input from small to mid-scale farms located on the Delmarva Peninsula to gauge interest in — and feasibility of — a Delmarva-based equipment sharing program!

Equipment sharing programs can provide access to tools and equipment that might otherwise be too specialized, too costly, or not needed frequently enough to justify purchase by an individual farm. Other potential benefits of tool sharing include the ability to:

● Try before you buy
● Experiment with new crops
● Improve cover crop performance
● Adopt better soil health management

Please take the survey below by Monday, May 20th to help us determine interest in and feasibility of a tool and equipment sharing program. If access to a pool of shared tools and equipment were available, would you participate?

To take the survey go to:

Questions? Contact Lisa Garfield at

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