Small Grain Diseases

Bob Mulrooney, Extension Plant Pathologist;

There are low levels of the spot form of net blotch beginning to appear as well as low levels of scald. With most of the barley in head and flowering, it is too late for any fungicide applications. The levels observed so far for these diseases do not appear to be yield limiting.

Wheat samples submitted to the Plant Diagnostic Clinic with virus symptoms continue to appear. So far we have had positive diagnoses of soil borne wheat mosaic virus and wheat spindle streak mosaic virus. These can be very difficult to tell apart without a lab diagnosis. So far barley yellow dwarf mosaic has not been identified. Noting the fields where these viruses occur and planting resistant varieties the next time wheat is planted in those fields will manage the disease. Continue to scout wheat for powdery mildew at this time.


Soil borne wheat mosaic virus

Soil borne wheat mosaic virus

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