2018 Fusarium Head Blight Screening Nursery Factsheet

Nidhi Rawat, Small Grain Pathologist nidhirwt@umd.edu and Jason Wight, Field Trials Coordinator jpwight@umd.edu; Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture, University of Maryland

Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) was the foremost challenge to wheat yields and quality in 2018 and should be an important consideration in making planting decisions for the coming seasons as well. Popular local varieties of wheat were evaluated for FHB reaction under heavy disease pressure in misted nursery conducted at the Beltsville research farm of University of Maryland. To provide the growers with consolidated information for making their planting decisions, we have combined data on statewide yield trials and FHB components: FHB index and DON content in the table here. The entries have been sorted based on their average DON values. Green cells indicate moderate resistance/ tolerance to FHB, orange cells may be considered moderately susceptible, whereas those highlighted in blue depict highly susceptible varieties.