Vegetable Insect Updates – August 3, 2018

David Owens, Extension Entomologist, and Bill Cissel, Extension Agent – Integrated Pest Management;

Sweet Corn
Corn earworm populations seem to be trending a little lower than last week, possibly due to recent rains suppressing some moth flight. Monday trap capture ( indicated higher populations in most traps, similar to last Thursday’s trap capture. As a reminder, what is reported on the web is on a per night basis, the table below is cumulative over Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night. Wet weather likely impacted some of our trap captures, as has sweet corn harvest in the vicinity of a couple of traps. Earworm activity is moderate – low.

Trap Location BLT – CEW Pheromone CEW
  3 nights total catch
Dover 1 10
Harrington 0 6
Milford 0 8
Rising Sun 0 10
Wyoming 0 7
Bridgeville 0 12
Concord 0 17
Georgetown 0 5
Greenwood 0
Laurel 1 50
Seaford 1 17

Just as last week, continue monitoring for Leps, cucumber beetles, and spider mites. With the wet weather, mite reproduction will be slower. Plants are growing well.