Growing Degree Days (GDD) Through June 25

Jarrod O. Miller, Extension Agronomist,

Many fields planted in late April (that survived) should be at or very close to tassel in at least Sussex or Kent county. Remember that ear leaf samples can be taken when corn starts to tassel (VT) so you can check for critical nutrient levels. Any replanting in early June should be close to V6, so think about side-dressing those parts of the field.

V6: 475 GDD
V12: 870 GDD
VT: 1135 GDD
R1: 1400 GDD

Table 1: Growing degree days accumulated through June 25th from the beginning of each week.

Sussex Kent New Castle
22-Apr 1190 1148 1088
29-Apr 1138 1101 1054
6-May 1030 992 956
13-May 962 886 858
20-May 815 779 764
27-May 657 620 616
3-Jun 505 469 466