Lima Bean Nematicide/Insecticide Update

David Owens, Extension Entomologist,

Amvac’s Mocap EC nematicide/insecticide has been approved for use on lima beans in Delaware for nematode control as a 24c special local needs label. Previously, the granule formulation was available. The EC formulation allows for additional flexibility regarding application equipment. Be sure to check the label for application restrictions and guidance on application. Please note that the product must be soil incorporated – it does have phytotoxicity concerns if in direct contact with the seed. Also, watch out for rotational restrictions, especially if small grains are in your farming operation. Consult both the specimen label and the 24c label for guidance. If using the product, you must have a copy of the 24c label in your possession. You can find the 24c label here: and the specimen label here: