Soybean Pest Presence Field Survey

David Owens, Extension Entomologist,

This year the ag entomology team will be conducting a soybean pest survey in fields throughout the state. Fields will be surveyed weekly for arthropod and slug pests. I am looking for fields with any of the following characteristics: full season fields with and without insecticide seed treatment, full season fields with and without cover crops, double crop soybean, soybean that was planted in soybean last year, OR fields with a history of Dectes stem borer. I know it is still a bit early, but if you have or are planning to have a soybean field with one or more of these characteristics and wouldn’t mind us visiting weekly, please contact me at or (302) 698-7125 (cell) or (302) 856-2585 ext 574 (office). This project is only possible with your support, and what we see in fields will inform the content of 2018 agronomic insect pest updates on the Weekly Crop Update. Thanks!

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