Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training

October 7 or 8, 2017     8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
University of Delaware Equine Science Program
UD Webb Farm, Farm Road, Newark

Do you know what to do in a large animal emergency? Are you prepared with equipment, know who to call, what to do? Whether you are a public safety official, a first responder, a veterinary professional, or an equestrian, this course is essential to prepare you for an emergency. You will learn how to move large animals safely and quickly in cases of disaster or injury, while preventing potential injuries to the humans involved. The course offers classroom instruction and hands-on scenarios using our specialized equipment and equipment that may be readily available to first responder departments.

A one-day clinic is being offered to educate first responders, horse owners or anyone interested in learning basic large animal rescue techniques instructed by Roger Lauze, the Equine Rescue and Training Coordinator for MSPCA. Fair Hill NRMA’s new rescue trailer, donated by the Volunteer Mounted Patrol, will be utilized for the training. The cost for the full day of training is $10 per person. Please bring your own lunch and drinks.

Registration is limited to 40 participants per day so please register early. Dress appropriately for the weather as you will be hands on after classroom work. Please bring leather gloves and safety helmet.

For more information, contact Amy Biddle, Department of Animal and Food Sciences, or (302) 831-2642.

To register mail or email registration form to Amy Biddle. Pre-registration must be received by September 30, 2017