Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) Workshop August 22

Laurie Wolinski, Extension Agent; lgw@udel.edu

Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WRFP) is an emerging insurance product now available through all crop insurance agencies on Delmarva and throughout the U.S. WFRP covers revenue from a host of crops and enterprises not otherwise insurable. In addition, for crops currently insurable by the familiar Yield Protection (YP) and Revenue Protection (RP), WFRP may provide more actual income protection at a reduced premium cost.

On August 22, 2017, 9:00-12:00, a workshop will be held at the Carvel Center, Georgetown, DE, which will include an introduction to WFRP. Every farm family should have someone in attendance to get an overview of how the Whole Farm coverage concept works.

WFRP has gained considerable acceptance some areas of the country. Ben Thiel, Director of the RMA Northwest Region, will report on what producers in his area find attractive about WFRP. Delmarva producers can compare the potential opportunities for their own operations.

The agenda features remarks by DDA Secretary Michael Scuse, former USDA undersecretary whose mission area included the Risk Management Agency (RMA) which develops and oversees federal crop insurance. Secretary Scuse will provide his perspective on emerging crop and revenue coverage trends and what Congress might be expected to do in the next Farm Bill.

Deputy Secretary Kenny Bounds will report on his first six months on the job, as well as his experience in his former career in ag lending, specifically regarding the importance of risk management on the part of a borrower.

Delaware farmer and risk management program facilitator Don Clifton will present a WRFP overview with examples of Delmarva specific applications and case studies.

Dr. Jarrod Miller, University of Maryland Extension Ag Educator will discuss soil health and the nutrient management aspects of cover crops, which is a very timely subject.

Every farm family should have at least one person in attendance for this workshop.

Watch your mail and future Weekly Crop Updates for further details. Contact Laurie Wolinski at 302-831-2538 or LGW@udel.edu to register. You may also call Don Clifton at 302-242-8806 with questions or email questions to decrophelp@gmail.com.