Potato Late Blight Update #1 – May 4, 2017

Nathan Kleczewski, Extension Specialist – Plant Pathology; nkleczew@udel.edu; @Delmarplantdoc

Greenrow- May 1, 2017

Date DSV Total DSV
5/1-5/4 0 0


Notes: Season severity of 18 severity values indicates the need for the first fungicide application. An accumulated severity of 7 after fungicide application identifies the need for a subsequent fungicide application. You can personalize your late blight forecasts for specific fields, sign up for email or text alerts, and enter in management information at http://blight.eas.cornell.edu/blight/.

Real time fungicide application timing tables for locations within Delaware can be accessed at http://blight.eas.cornell.edu/blight/DE

See the 2016 Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations-Delaware for recommended fungicides: http://extension.udel.edu/ag/vegetable-fruit-resources/commercial-vegetable-production-recommendations/

Any suspect samples can be sent to the Plant Diagnostic Clinic or dropped off at your local extension office. Dr. Nathan Kleczewski can also be contacted at nkleczew@udel.edu or 302-300-6962.

The website USABlight tracks tomato and potato late blight across the nation and can be found here: http://usablight.org/. Information on scouting, symptomology, and management can also be found on this website.