“Southbridge residents call for equal investment”

Yasser Payne and I were interviewed and quoted in a News Journal article on Riverfront East development and the community of Southbridge in South Wilmington. The community of Southbridge is organizing for the development to benefit them equitably, and there is strong potential for gentrification and displacement of current Southbridge residents over time. From the article:
“’You’ve got an area that has historic higher levels of poverty, brownfields, as well as active industry and then within half a mile you have hundreds of millions of dollars being invested into upper scale types of housing…and leisure activities,’ said Victor Perez, associate professor of sociology and criminal justice at the University of Delaware.”
Article information here:
News Journal author: José Ignacio Castañeda Perez
Title: “Southbridge residents call for equal investment in $100M Riverfront East plan”
Published August 3, 2021