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How Agvocating Can Be An Extension to Your Professional Brand

  • Guest Speaker : Michele Walfred 

 Communications Specialist, Michele Walfred explains that identifying your brand and marketing that brand is key to your success with career, internship, and business opportunities. When identifying your brand the key is to keep everything with your real name moderate and professional. This includes keep social media accounts separate, it’s ideal to have a personal account and a serious account this is branded to your real name. Always use caution when accepting new friends/followers on social media, accounts could have hidden agendas. Creating a professional brand demonstrates how well networked or connected a candidate is. With many organizations moving into social media they are looking for staff that have these skills and connections. It is very hard to erase your social imprint online so it’s best to follow these tips. When having a moderate and professional brand people tend to take you more seriously and beneficial because people will want to hear what you have to say. 

So what is agvocating? 

Agvocating is to advocate for agriculture. Advocating for agriculture is important because there are so many negative false reports on what agriculture is. It is important for Agvocates to debunk the information that is false. To do so one can post on their social media accounts providing information about agriculture to educate people that have little information or interest in agriculture. So all agriculture lovers start Agvocating!