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Mark Lynas Speech

The speech delivered by Mark Lynas to the Oxford Farming Conference was definitely enlightening. To hear someone who was once staunchly opposed to GMO’s make a one hundred eighty degree turn makes his case all the more convincing. I tend to agree with Mark Lynas regarding the use of GMO’s to feed the growing population. It was interesting to learn that less infant death and not in fact more children being born is the cause of rising population. I found it disheartening to learn that members of certain organizations including Green Peace could be so vehemently against GMO’s that they would be willing to destroy and sabotage studies.  I think his point is important that many folks against GMO’s do not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from or about nutrient deficiencies in their diets. I do however think it is important for some of the bureaucratic restrictions to be lifted to ensure that not just the major corporations are able to develop and innovate.  If GMO’s can help to solve some of these issues, which it appears they can, then I am all for GMO’s and Mr. Lynas has made a believer out of me.