University of Delaware Farm

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make this final field trip, however I absolutely love our farm. As a food science major, I’ve had more limited experience on the farm compared to those in animal science or Pre-Vet degrees, but my favorite class to this day was the ANFS111 lab, which took place on the farm. This class was mandatory my freshman year for all food science majors, and really introduced me to our amazing farm. I learned so much about the different livestock we have here on the farm, as well as the research we do.

As an Ag Ambassador, I’ve had several trainings on the farm. I also have given almost all of the food science prospective tours in the past four years. Something I learned throughout this is the fact that we are so lucky to have a full working farm right on campus for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Many other colleges don’t have this luxury, and it’s one of UD’s most important features for students considering coming to UD. I like to emphasize just how many opportunities there are to get involved on the farm, because many students still have no idea that we even have a farm. I hope that we can all work more towards agvocating for all of the amazing things we do on our farm and I’m so excited to see how the new pilot plant and processing facility in Worrilow will help us advance in the industry,

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