Guest Lecturer #4: Tracy & Valann

During this presentation, Tracy began the lecture by discussing the annual sales for horticulture which was $21,774,000 in 2014. Most of the money is related to the industry- producers, retailers, landscapers, land managers, golf courses, and suppliers for equipment/ other items. Specifically, crop groups that are being produced are: floriculture crops and nursery crops.  Floriculture crops are bedding/garden plants, cut flowers or greens, potted plants, etc… Whereas nursery crops are evergreens, cacti, deciduous flowers/trees… In 2014, the total grower cash receipt was a total of $13.8 billion because grower sales for nursery crops totaled $8 billion and floriculture crops totaled $4.8 billion.

Additionally, landscapers have pretty important jobs because they manage, build, and maintain the land around them such as plants and trees. For instance, their job includes mowing grass that has grown too tall, fertilization of crops and/ or the bedding for the soil, pond maintenance, and tree health. Tracy also mentioned that people like to choose the plants that are being raised in their yard so they do their research and see if a particular plant is a domestic plant from the area or if their plant is from another location and if it will survive and thrive in another environment. Its vital to plant the plant in the correct place at the right time as well because if a summer plant is planted during the wintertime, it will not be prepared to grow correctly due to the environment not being its ideal location to grow. Overall, I learned a lot about horticulture and the work that goes into managing nature during this presentation than I did before listening.

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