Post on Guest Lecturer Michele Walfred’s slides

During  Michele’s presentation about Making Social Media Work for Agriculture, for your Career and Brand, she discussed a lot of vital points that may not come across many individuals minds as they post on multiple forms of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. The first point that really stood out in her presentation was “Due diligence” because it means being held responsible for one’s own social media posts and is important to keep business professional with the occasional cute kitten video because possible employers will look at social media accounts in the process of hiring. Additionally, using a consistent picture for all social media accounts demonstrates the sense of control over what you make available to the online public and creates a brand- for marketing yourself to those who view your profile.

Speaking about creating a brand and marketing yourself, specific forms of social media such as LinkedIn and are two forms in which people can offer insight into the skills they are able to perform for employers looking to hire workers. Additionally, through LinkedIn, employers can find people to hire better because the site automatically directs the employer to accounts that match the skills that they are interested in. Not to mention the importance of keeping all photos on business and personal accounts of social media appropriate at all times. If an employer had to choose between someone in a party picture with a red solo cup or a well dressed business attire, they would most likely go for the business attire because it is more professional. Overall, Michele’s presentation was refreshing and insightful because I personally use over four forms of social media and its always to keep these factors in mind before I post.

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