The Elbert N. & Ann V. Carvel Research & Education Center

Mark Isaacs gave this lecture to the class about the Research Center that he works on. This is a part of the University of Delaware, though it is not on Newark Campus. The three missions of this center are research, extension/outreach, and teaching. I knew that this place was a thing because I am actually receiving a significant scholarship in the name of Elbert N. & Ann V. Carvel, but I had no idea what they did there. One of their programs is the Master Gardener program, which I have heard about, but I find it very interesting. I would think that the job they provide would be some highly educated professor, but it is very amazing that you can become a master gardener and volunteer your time to help the community. I really enjoyed this lecture because I am a Plant Science major, and it was great to see different career opportunities I could think about for when I graduate!

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