The Evolution of the Poultry Industry

This was one of our first guest lecturers, and one of my favorites.  Georgie Cartanza is an Poultry Extension Agent and as well operates her own organic poultry farm.  Her lecture was on the Poultry business and how its gotten to where it is today.  The Delmarva Poultry Industry produces 566 million birds annually impacting the economy greatly through high profits and creating of job opportunities.  Within the region of Delmarva there are six major integrators through this there are 10 processing plants, 13 hatcheries, and 10 feed mills.  For everyone Job in the poultry industry seven more jobs are created in the community.  This proves how greatly the Poultry Industry affects the region. Georgie spoke on how the industry began with the Allan Family and then how Delaware got into the business.  A key part in Delmarva poultry industry success was the transportation factor railroads.  Trains moved the product up and down the coast.  Georgie then got into the operational and managing aspect of poultry farms and the technology that is constantly advancing.  Technological advances have allowed for the industry to grow rapidly through means of housing more chickens and by the means of feeding and watering them more efficiently.  This allows for chickens to grow to that broiler size quickly.

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