Mark Lynas at 2013 Oxford Farming Conference

When I began listening to Mark Lynas speech at the 2013 Oxford Farming Conference it didn’t take too long to learn what his position on GMOs was, however, I wasn’t quick to judge.  Being that I am for GMOs I expected to find myself a bit agitated when he confessed to aiding the startup of an anti- GMO movement.  It was quite apparent that Mark spent a significant part of his life campaigning against GMOs and believing the assumptions he suspected of what GM’s contributed to.  I appreciated Mark stating his position and beliefs on GMO’s prior to when he realized he was listening to myths.   He took the time to state what he previously held true about GM’s and then went on to correct his assumptions.  One of the assumptions Mark discussed was, “I’d assumed that it would increase the use of chemicals”.  Directly following this statement, he remarked, “It turned out that pest-resistant cotton and maize needed less insecticide”.  It is evident that Mark carefully analyzed what he may have put out to his followers back when he has against GM’s. He is now correcting his misassumptions and delivering out the actuality of what GM’s are to inform those who he misinformed.  I believe Mark Lynas is a great example of what many people first think of GMO’s unfortunately unlike Mark many people don’t do the correct research on GMOs so they fall for the myths that exist of them.  This video should be spread and shown to students so the misconceptions that are out there about GMOs are reevaluated.   People need to understand that GMO’s are essential in agriculture because it allows more production of food which, ensuring more people can be appropriately supplied and fed.

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