Technology in Agriculture

Unfortunately I was again unable to accompany the class on the Hoober field trip due to family. However I do have experience with the company and it’s tractors. From my knowledge Hoober or (CaseIH) uses the most recently retired and applicable, military technology in their tractors. This allows them to stay on the forefront of the technology curve which is very important in agriculture. From ever evolving transmissions, to engines, to hill stabilization, to advanced PTO management in tractors; and environmental control units in chicken houses and green houses; and in field condition testers. Technology is always being improved upon in the world of agriculture. Better technology means less work needs to be done to produce higher yields of better crops or animals. If a farmer (especially in modern times) does not keep up with the ever expanding list of technological advancements then he/she will fall behind very quickly and it will be increasingly more challenging to stay competitive and profitable.

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