Ed Kee’s Iowa&California Lecture

Ed Kee’s second lecture was a very interesting eye opening lecture on the two Agriculture Giants: Iowa and California. His lecture before he talked about Delaware’s agriculture, which was surprising to me how much goes on agriculturally in this state that I was not aware of before. However, his second lecture about the 2 biggest agriculture producers of our country taught me more about this industry relating to our whole country. I just recently visited California for the first time this summer and remember driving by tons of vineyards and farms but never realized the extent of the contribution this state had regarding food production. The most interesting fact to me, and the most important to California’s agriculture was how all the water comes from the mountains. I remember my dad saying countless times how there was such little rainfall in this state, but I never related that back to its agriculture production until shortly after when taught that all the water comes through aqueducts from the mountains and is able to provide all the water! Another thing that stood out to me was how milk and cream were the biggest commodities for California at about $6.3 billion, followed by almonds. California exports 26% of its ag production by volume, meaning that the majority is used within our own country, and was interesting to have some insight on this large industry that provides so much food that we eat!

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