What in the world is TPP?

TPP stands for Trans-Pacific Partnership and unlike most hot topics in the media, it is kind of an enigma, people are kind of wary of it because there isn’t clear information about what is going on. Just simply googling ‘TPP’ brings up a number of websites, some of which seem credible, others…not so much, some with sort of a confused jumble of words and some with extensively complicated language. The basic gist is that its a trade agreement between 12 pacific rim countries, potentially reducing restrictions of tariffs etc, promoting business and hopefully effecting the economy positively. However, there are a lot of concerns about TTP, some are afraid that jobs will be lost to countries where workers will accept a lower wage, income inequality, as well as threats to wildlife, the environment and the promotion of fracking.

All of the countries involved must ratify the agreement before it can move forward. Currently those in power in the United States are in favor of ratifying the TPP, whether or not that support continues on in the coming year is yet to be seen.

The cons to me seem to outweigh the benefits, though I might just be too focused on mother earth. We are already doing a lot of harm to the earth, and if the TPP gives any sort of green light for that to continue or worsen I don’t know how supportive I can be. When it all boils down we need a healthy earth to survive, paper money is a poor substitute for food, water and air.

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