UD Farm Field Trip

Our last field trip was to our very own farm here at UD.  The farm superintendent, Scott Hopkins, gave us the tour. It was my first time being on the campus farm and it was really exciting to see everything that they did. Scott showed us the bees that are kept there and explained what it was liked to take care of them. It was really cool seeing that they had their own compost piles. On the Webb farm we saw the Ewes and their lambs. Scott even told us that the wool they sheer from the sheep gets sent out and made into blankets and sent back to UD. Towards the end of the tour we got to see the milking parlor. There was a lot more electronics involved in their parlor than in ones I have worked in at home. Scott also showed us the cows they been doing research on. Certain cows are trained to eat out of a certain spot. The tag that is hung by their neck allows them to eat at only their spot. So the cow with the number 231 can only eat in the spot numbered 231. They cannot go to another spot and eat, the tag only works at their spot. Overall, it was a really great experience to get to see all the different types of things they do on the farm!




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