Visit to University of Delaware’s Farm

Our last field trip was spent at University of Delaware’s farm. We received a tour from the farm manager Scott Hopkins. In the beginning of the tour he explained how lucky the University was to have that big of a farming operation that is walking distance from our classes. This is something very unique to UD. Not only does the farm offer hands on experience for the different majors, it allows some jobs and internship opportunities for students.

We were given the opportunity to tour the dairy portion of the farm. We saw the parlor, and the milk tanks. Not only is this milk contracted out, it is also used to make the ice cream at the UDairy Creamery. We also saw the test feeding boxes, and the manure processor. Next we saw the chicken houses and passed the Allen Lab that is used for poultry research. Afterwards we saw the new equine learning facility, as well as the sheep and beef portions of the farm. Personally I loved this trip. I enjoyed seeing all of the aspects of the UD farm and the resources available to us students. It really is a unique quality for a university to have, and it is important to utilize it and enjoy it.

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