Student Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board

Student Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board provides recommendations and feedback on student diversity and inclusion experiences related to campus climate and culture. This Advisory Board offers recommendations to the Division of Student Life regarding its services and programming around diversity and inclusion, in order to strengthen and guide Student Life’s approach to student diversity and inclusion. The Student Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board started in Spring 2019.

The group is composed of twenty (20) students representing the different colleges, and various student groups, identities, and experiences on campus.

Membership is open to all students through an application process.

Students may be nominated by faculty and staff and/or apply directly to serve on the Advisory Board. Once selected, students will be eligible to serve a term spanning the full calendar year (i.e. rotating every spring semester). After that term is over, students may reapply for service, but their approval for a second term is contingent on their availability and number of open seats on the Advisory Board.

Questions and comments related to this Advisory Board can be directed to Student Diversity and Inclusion at

Student Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board 2019

Undergraduate Members

Phoebe Balascio – Exercise Science & Sociology
Taurence Chisholm – International Relations
Talla Cisse – Public Administration
Laney Crosley – Political Science & Environmental Studies
Noor Jamal – Psychology
Kristine Lim – Marketing & International Business with Spanish
Finnigan Madison – Asian Studies
Ayline Mejia – Communications
Fernando Morales – Chemical Engineering
Kailen Richmond – Human Services
Starr Scott – Sociology
Kyna Smith – English Literature

Graduate Members

Akshay Bholsale – Electrical and Computer Engineering
AJ de Coteau – Education
Zack Gursky – Psychology & Brain Science
Kenneth Jones – Sociology
Matthew Rinkevich – English Literature
Kendal Simmons – Physical Therapy
Desirae Turner – Physical Therapy