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Welcome, Blue Hens! Whether you are abroad, on campus, or remote, our goal is to keep you connected to your flock. This hub is a student portal for the continuity of Student Life services and experiences. All possible Student Life happenings and support will be accessible to you here anytime and are for all Blue Hens. Our remote and international students are on the foremost of our minds when creating events. We pay particular attention to time zones and make our offerings available both synchronously (live) and asynchronously (accessible anytime) so all of our students can access them.

Find any of the following information when you need it:

  • student engagement, involvement opportunities, and events
  • student wellbeing resources and activities
  • career center services
  • diversity and inclusion offerings
  • information on civic engagement and social justice
  • student support services to assist you with top priority issues such as counseling, food, housing, or technology insecurity in these difficult and rapidly changing times

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