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All students involved in an active call for help become eligible for amnesty from conduct sanctions related to alcohol or drug consumption.

Come out for Coffee (and Tea!)

Meet international and domestic students and staff over coffee, tea and snacks at International Coffee Hour, every Friday of the spring semester from 4-6 p.m. at Trabant!

Cheering on the Blue Hens

Students get in free with UD ID to all regularly scheduled Athletics games. Get the schedule and all the details about the student gameday experience!

Get election assistance through TurboVote

Even if you’re already registered to vote, sign up through UD TurboVote for reminders and assistance with voting, absentee ballots and more so you never miss an opportunity to #MakeItCount.


Enhance your path to professional success at any stage of your UD career with resume workshops, networking advice, internships and jobs found on our Career Center portal.

Student Behavior Consultation Team

If you observe a situation or behavior that gives you concern for the safety of a student or the campus, contact the SBCT which promotes wellbeing and safety through assessment and intervention.

StUDent Central

Connect with 400+ student groups and thousands of events on StUDent Central, UD’s engagement portal for students seeking new experiences, marketable skills, and other students who share their interests in a wide range of categories.

UD Helpline and Crisis Text Line

Reach a mental health professional 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by calling UD Helpline at 302-831-1001. You can also text UDTEXT, or STEVE for students of color, to the number 741741 for anonymous assistance by text.

These 2019 Promoters of Wellness said…

I have learned new ways to educate peers and friends and I can use what I have learned from [being a Promoters of Wellness peer educator] to make my own responsible decisions.
I helped reduce [help-seeking stigma] by seeking help myself, and letting others know that it is okay to ask for help — everyone is going through something and we all deal with it in different ways.
Teaching students about the different dimensions of wellness is the best way I create a more positive culture on campus. I am able to show students how to become more well rounded and give the resources to be successful in doing so. Classroom programs are my favorite way of engaging students and helping with their overall wellness.

Nana Ohemaa Asante ’21 says…

Resident Assistant

I became an RA because I wanted to learn from others’ experiences. The resident assistant position is the first job I’ve ever had, and I’ve learned so much from my staff as well as the international students I got to know in iHouse. I plan to become a doctor, and want people to feel comfortable coming to me with their concerns.

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These 2019 SHS students say…

Dr. Gustavsen has been a great help for my personal health over the past several months. Thank you to him and the UD Student Health Services staff for getting me healthy!

Nancy Moore was very helpful and gave me lots of tips to prepare for my trip to Costa Rica. Would definitely recommend.

Doc Reid was so great! She was so understanding, asked so many questions and even let me look through the microscope!

Dr. Frick is the best doc I’ve ever had!

Love my provider! sad to be graduating in part because I will no longer be able to see her.

Nishant Chintala ’21 says…

Blue Hen Leadership participant

Initially, I did QUEST for the opportunity to move in before everyone else did to avoid the move-in day hassle. QUEST ended up being one of the best opportunities of my college career. Not only did I get a week-long, memorable leadership experience, but I also met and connected with 70 other motivated and hardworking freshmen. All in all, don’t pass up on this opportunity! Although it is only a week long, it will give you so many opportunities for the rest of your college career.

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These 2019 SHS students say…

Every single person I came in contact with during my visit [to Student Health Services] was so kind and helpful.

I always feel so comfortable and cared for when I visit the women’s health center.

The appointment process was very easy to do, and everyone was so nice.

This 2019 SHS student says…

As a undergraduate and then a graduate student of UD I have relied heavily on Student Health Services for a number of issues including allergy issues, general health, and gynecology. I have always had a good and efficient visit with everyone I have interacted with and wanted to say that at least once before I left. I thank you all for your efforts and care.

Natalie Walton ’20 says…

Sexual Offense Support victim advocate

“As [Sexual Offense Support volunteer] advocates, our phones have to be on us for 24 hours, no exceptions, and the sound must be on so we can catch the phone calls. Most of us barely sleep during these shifts because we’re so worried that we won’t hear the sound go off. But every meeting, every phone call, every shift that I take is meaningful.”

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Truman Scholar: UD junior Natalie Walton selected as future public service leader

Emily Young ’19 says…

Gamma Sigma Sigma member

Freshman year was definitely a defining point in my time during UD. I thought I knew what to expect coming to college and that was definitely not the case. Because UD threw me a curveball, I had the opportunity to figure out who I really was. Joining my sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma, really helped me through this time. I found my best friends and got to pursue my passion for service. Connecting with new students and sharing my story as a Peer Mentor and a Blue Hen Ambassador also helped me to find my place here at UD.

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Jacob Wasserman ’21 says…

College Democrats president | SGA senator | writer for The Review | UD Career Center peer advisor

Make the investment right when you arrive by going to Activities Night, and know that the payoff comes a bit later. It may be the next semester before you settle into a routine and start seeing some familiar faces in students, faculty and staff. Whatever activity you choose brings a community of more than 18,000 students down to a much more manageable and comfortable level of a few hundred or even less.

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Get involved: Jacob Wasserman joins UD student groups, connects with state and federal government leaders

This 2019 SHS student says…

Every appointment with Mariam Basma is exceptional. She is always very kind and professional and is able to accommodate my (treatment) plans while always keeping in mind my diverse ethnic background. I am highly satisfied with her work ethic during and after each Student Health Services appointment.

Taurence Chisholm ’19 says…

HOLA executive board member | Resident Assistant | UD Career Center intern

If you are a transfer, too, do not be afraid to go all in. Go to Activities Night, pick two or three groups that interest you, and go to their meetings. Your two or three groups may change as you learn more about what you like but it’s important to engage. At the same time, don’t be afraid to say yes or no. You won’t always know for sure when it’s the right time to say yes or no, but you need to learn to self-reflect, and cordially and amicably say no to opportunities that are not right for you.

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This 2018 SHS student says…

[Nutritionist] Mariam Basma has helped me so much physically and mentally. She is just a gem and is such an asset to Student Health Services. We are so lucky to have her- she really has changed and helped me in so many ways that I am forever grateful. She is so relatable and honest and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. She really is amazing and I am so sad to be graduating and not be able to see her weekly anymore. She saved me.

Nikki Dombrowski ’18 says…

UDance co-executive director | Twilight Induction 2016 speaker

I found my time doing extracurricular activities at UD to be equally as important, impactful and beneficial as my coursework. They taught me lessons that one can simply not learn in the classroom. These experiences, coupled with the incredible opportunities I have had to interact with faculty and staff at UD, inspired me to take my passion for this cause into my studies.

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Human Services senior leaves behind a legacy of service: Nikki Dombrowski helps others through leadership, education, research and community service

Andrew Garcia ’20 says…

We’re First president

Don’t be afraid. Don’t let your gut tell you you’re not going to be capable of what you want to do. If you need guidance, look up some YouTube videos on how to be a leader or how to gain the basic foundation that you need, and then try to grow a sense of comfortability into what you’re doing. When I got an email from We’re First about open elections for the next executive board, I had never led anything before and just decided to go for it. You won’t grow as a leader if you don’t take risks.

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Laura Donohue ’18 says…

Outing Club president

Do not get involved in clubs that you are only somewhat passionate about. Go after those clubs that introduce you to the coolest people, and enable you to work with things that get you excited for every new day at UD! I loved my experience at UD because I got to spend every day doing something that I loved. If you follow your passions, they will take you places you never knew you could be, but that are exactly where you should be.

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This 2018 SHS student says…

The caregiver I saw was exceptional … I came to Student Health Services after hours because I had an embarrassing condition I was hoping I could get looked at when no other students were around. She treated my case with discretion and made me feel a lot better about it. She was really thorough and made sure all of my questions were answered. She also made sure that all of my medical information was up to date and when she looked at my prescriptions she saw that a rescue inhaler I use every day was actually expired by 2 years. She told me how I would be able to get new inhalers at an affordable price. And my asthma treatment was completely unrelated to the reason I came in. I could not have received better care.

Daniel Farmer ’17 says…

Resident Assistant | Outing Club member

Experience all that you can, and you will find the puzzle eventually puts itself together. The number of paths you can take is infinite. Sometimes that feels overwhelming. When I entered UD, I had no idea what could possibly lie on the other side, but I knew I had to ensure it was something worthwhile. My strategy was to try my hand at as many things as possible, do my best to say yes, never be afraid to submit an application, and pursue the things that made me happiest.

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Brittany O’Connell ’18 says…

PRSSA Program Director

Believe in yourself and try to learn something new from each person you meet. You’ll walk away with a wealth of knowledge and perspective.

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Maria Barriga ’17 says…

SCPAB president

Growing as a leader and as a person go hand-in-hand. I could never have imagined being a leader, and I really like this person that I have grown into, someone who is happy and excited about stuff, who engages with others to learn about their feelings and interests. Explore more, and surround yourself with people who will inspire you to believe in yourself.

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Mark White ’17 says…

Phi Beta Sigma brother | NSBE executive board member

You have got to do what you would love to do with your life. Far too often, we get caught up in trying to fulfill what others think we should do, but you’ve got to focus on a path — and you have to build your network.

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