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For new students starting in fall 2020, the 1743 Welcome Days schedule will be shared by August 21.

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Welcome! This is a student portal for continuity of your Student Life services and experience all available from the comfort and safety of your remote location. Here, you can find student engagement and involvement opportunities, student wellbeing resources and activities, career center services, information on diversity and inclusion offerings, and many other student support services to assist you with top priority issues such as counseling, food, housing, or technology insecurity in these difficult and rapidly changing times.


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1743 is just the beginning of your UD experience.

Here are some things you can expect as you learn and grow at UD!

Involvement Fair Save The Date August 31 from 1 to 4pm

Self-Discovery and Development

During 1743, departments and student groups help you decide what kind of Blue Hen you’d like to be and connect in person with others who share your interests.

Throughout your life at UD, you can continue this self-discovery through hundreds of student organizations, fraternities, sororities, and student-focused events on Student Central, UD’s portal for engagement in student life.

Personal Wellness

During 1743, conversations compel you to consider how your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing contribute to your health and others’.

Throughout your life at UD, you have access to assistance from trained professionals in our Center for Counseling and Student Development, Student Health Services, Student Wellness and Health Promotion and more. Many services are covered by the mandatory Student Health Fee that all full-time matriculated students pay, and include a full range of care, consultation and support.

Social Responsibility

During 1743, you learn what’s involved in being a member of the University of Delaware community.

Throughout your life at UD, you may channel your passion to shape and uphold that same Blue Hen pride from within. You might apply to serve on the appellate board for our Office of Student Conduct or to become an orientation leader just like the team that welcomed you here.

Inclusivity and Action

During 1743, you learn how all students, faculty and staff work together to pursue inclusive excellence at the University of Delaware so that every student can succeed.

Throughout your life at UD, you might have moments when you or a friend feel that you don’t have what you need in order to succeed. Processing these situations, utilizing your Office of the Dean of Students and engaging with students different from yourself can help you determine the best route forward.