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Blue Hen Re-Coop Days

The University will hold its third annual Blue Hen Re-Coop Days on Tuesday, March 30 and Monday, April 19, coinciding with the break in classes for students–to focus on mental health awareness and provide an opportunity for our UD community to pause and reflect on wellbeing.

Know what’s going on this April!

This month, we’re focusing on Environmental Wellness in honor of Earth Day on April 22.

This guide is designed to help you get the most out of #LifeAtUD.


The Office of Academic Enrichment’s Student Success Video Series.

Focus on Your Wellbeing

Starting to feel stressed or just ready to recharge? Join the Blue Hen Wellbeing Community, where you can connect with peers, choose your own wellbeing adventure, and improve your overall wellbeing.

Blue Hen Wellbeing Podcast Series on Spotify

Listen-in to a self-paced, ongoing wellness community podcast series for students at the University of Delaware. Featuring topics related to all 9 Wellness Dimensions to help you develop critical skills and knowledge which will support your lifelong wellbeing.

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10 Things To Do For UD’s Re-coop Days

Focus on Self-Awareness

Whether you can set aside a minute, an hour, or the day, we encourage you to make the most of #BlueHenReCoop by participating in activities for students that support your wellbeing before, during, and after March 30 and April 19.

1. Make Art

28 to Make: Art Making Video Series: Thanks to access granted through the UD Library, Blue Hens have the ability to explore thousands of videos through the Alexander Street video distribution library for free, including this awesome collection of over a dozen short (about 2 minutes in length) how-to videos centered around art-making and other creative processes. These videos are a great resource for students looking to expand their creative wellness skills or take a break from their studies to do something creative and relaxing.

2. Get A Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass Online – provided by the Arts and Sciences Masters Players Concert series through UD, this collection features recorded music performances, discussions with performers, and even the opportunity to register for LIVE virtual events.

3. Artists for Joy Podcast

Artists for Joy – this podcast series explores the health and wellbeing benefits of pursuing creative activities to reduce stress, overcome challenges or heal from past experiences.

4. UD Themed Mandala

UD Mandala – express your UD spirit by downloading and printing this UD-themed coloring page to adorn with blue and gold in whatever medium you prefer or save a tree and use GIMP to color it in.

5. Practice Self Care

Self-Care vs. Self-Soothe: We’ve collected 11 tips to help you hone these abilities. When you do a self-care action, you’re setting yourself up to better respond to a stressor (ex. dedicating a specific day each month to review your budget), you can think of it as somewhat proactive. When you engage in a self-soothe behavior, you’re allowing yourself the time and space to recover from a stressor (ex. drinking a cup of tea to relax after a difficult exam), you can think of it as somewhat reactive.

6. Watch Wellness Break Videos

Wellness Break Videos – SOS created a series of videos to support students in developing skills related to stress reduction, anxiety management, creative expression and more! Videos have included instructional dance lessons, learning how to create your own mindful coloring mandala, basic yoga moves, jewelry-making, and even how to use crystals. (Sign in with UD email to watch)

7. Do Some Guided Exercises

Guided Exercises from the Mind-Body Behavior Laboratory – these podcasts produced through UD’s Mind-Body Behavior Laboratory assist students with practicing meditation, doing body scans, and engaging in mindful breathing exercises.

8. Work To Overcome Trauma

The Trauma-Sensitive Mindful Podcast offers great insights and strategies shared by expert speakers, not only for individual trauma survivors but also to address the collective and community trauma of racial injustice and social conflict.

9. Do Some Self-Compassion Exercises

Often we are wonderful friends to others, offering love and compassion readily, yet we struggle to give ourselves that same grace and gentle care.  These Self-Compassion Exercises are a wonderful way to extend that same compassion to ourselves. 

10. Learn About Happiness

The Greater Good Science Center offers a lot of great information on the science of happiness, Anti-racist resources, the Science of Happiness Podcast, events and classes, magazines, newsletters, a monthly happiness calendar, and more.

3 Ways To Be Active For UD’s Re-coop Days

1. Visit UD’s Botanic Gardens

Find a friend and go on a self-guided tour of UD’s Botanic Gardens

2. Walk The Labyrinth

Settle on a question that you’d like to meditate or pray about, and meditate on your questions while walking the Labyrinth on STAR Campus.  Or if you’d like to explore other nearby labyrinths, use this Labyrinth Locator

3. Take A Yoga Class

Sign up to take a free Yoga Class online, Monday 5:30-6:30 via UD’s Yoga Club

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