University of Delaware
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Newark DE 19716 USA
email: qxiang@udel.edu
office: Ewing Hall 508
phone: 302-831-1868
fax: 302-831-4511



Research Areas

  • Additive Number Theory/Combinatorics
  • Association Schemes
  • Algebraic Coding Theory
  • Combinatorics
  • Finite Geometry

My research is supported by an NSF grant DMS-1600850. Click here to see my publications and CV.

Professional Service


I am teaching M688 and M210 in Fall 2018. More information will be available here.

Seminars and Conferences

Current and Former students

  • David B. Chandler, Ph. D. 2004.
  • Frank Fiedler, Ph. D. 2004.
  • Zeying Wang, Ph. D. 2008.
  • Junhua Wu, Ph. D. 2008.
  • Fan Wu, Ph. D. 2014.
  • Rafael Plaza, Ph. D. 2016.
  • Hanlin Zou, Ph. D. 2020





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