Michele Lobo, PT, PhD

Michele Lobo, PT, PhD
Director, Super Suits Program
Co-Director, Move 2 Learn Innovation Lab

Research Goal: To design and test assessments, interventions, and rehabilitation devices that maximize early learning and development

Ongoing projects:
  • Caregiver provided play interventions to advance early movement and learning
  • Exoskeletons to improve function for infants and children with arm movement impairments
  • Development and testing of user-controlled exoskeletons

Active recruitment:

Infants 0-2 years old with or at risk for developmental delay (preterm birth, brain injury, neonatal stroke, hemiplegia, Down syndrome); children 4-16 years old with arm movement impairment such as due to arthrogryposis

To learn more about Dr. Lobo’s current research studies and projects, please contact:

Michele Lobo