What’s Hot HL Issue 13

Fireblight on crabapple. Photo by: William Jacobi, Colorado State University, Bugwood.org.

American dog tick on a blade of grass. Photo by: Jim Occi, BugPics, Bugwood.org.

American dog ticks. Photo by: Mat Pound, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Bugwood.org.

Comparison of deer ticks (left) and dog ticks (right) alongside a ruler. Photo by: Jim Occi, BugPics, Bugwood.org.

Female deer tick (black-legged tick) and a dime.

All stages of the deer (black-legged tick). Photos of only deer ticks found at http://www.ent.iastate.edu/imagegallery/ticks/deertick.html.

Septoria leafspot on rudbeckiae. Photo by Nancy Gregory, Plant Diagnostician, University of Delaware.

Septoria leafspot. Photo by Bob Mulrooney, Plant Pathologist, University of Delaware.