Insect Hotline Issue 16



Masked chafer white grub (notice lack of pattern of the spines)


Japanese beetle white grub (notice the v-shaped pattern to the spines)


Oriental beetle white grub (notice the parallel lines of spines)

These are three common white grub species that may be found in turfgrass.

Insect Hotline Issue 15

lilac ash borer1a

Pupal skin sticking out of the trunk of a tree.  Insect has emerged from the pupal skin which is left in the tree.  Photo provided by Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,



ash borer, Podosesia syringae  (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) - 1304043

Adult Lilac/ash borer, Podosesia syringae, pinned for viewing.  Photo provided by:  Carroll Younce, USDA-ARS,

Disease Hotline Issue 16

Rust found on Hypericum.  Photo provided by:  Bob Mulrooney, University of Delaware





Rust on upper leaf surface of hypericum.  Photo provided by:  Bob Mulrooney, University of Delaware




Pictures for fire blight have already been posted to the website.  Please search for these images with the search function.