Work Hard For One Common Goal

By Young Journalist_Fendi Chen, July 11, 2019

Today was another typical day of classes. This morning we went about our regular routine attending morning classes and listening to Dr. Chen’s mind-opening lecture about Modern Chinese History in the afternoon. One particular aspect of today that sets it apart from other days is our weekly language test that tracks our progress in Chinese studies. Since the beginning of the program all of us students have studied diligently to achieve one common goal in Chinese studies. In the late afternoon you could hear the sighs of relief and cheers of pure joy of students as they left their testing room feeling proud of their significant personal accomplishments in the short two weeks we have experienced in Xiamen.

Following this, everyone headed out to the track to take part in a race where all the team members must work together to balance balloons between each other and pass the finish line. Fortunately, my team (Group 1) won the race! Even after this buddy activity finished most of the students remained on the track to play a light-hearted game of Sharks and Minnows. It was truly a great bonding experience among the students. We wrapped up our productive day with dinner at our beloved dining hall.


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