Current Group Member: Xinlei Huang

Xinlei Huang









Postdoc 2021

Education: Ph.D. Syracuse University 2015-2021 (“An examination of γ-valerolactone ring opening and decarboxylation in multiphase system and over various solid acid catalysts”)

Current Research Topic: Application and characterization of solid acid catalysts in biomass upgrading process

Research Description: Biomass is considered as a promising carbon alternative to address the increasing greenhouse gas emissions problems. Solid acid catalysts such as zeolites, metal oxides are widely used in the transformation of biomass to biofuels and bio-based platform chemicals. My previous researches concentrated on understanding the role acid site in the γ-valerolactone (GVL) ring opening reaction to form pentenoic acid (PEA) and the following decarboxylation reaction to yield butene in homogenous and heterogeneous environments. Currently, I am focusing on application of superacid catalysts and Iron-containing zeolite to make valuable industrial products.


Other fun facts or hobbies: Basketball, watching movies and documentaries, model making


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