Available immediately


Available in Fall 2019 (No longer available)

Ph.D. candidate: Agent-based modeling

We are currently looking for a motivated Ph.D candidate in the area of computation and simulation. Desired passions are:

  • Agent modeling, multi-agent interaction
  • Optimization
  • Monte Carlo simulation

Specific project concerns optimization of electric vehicles battery configuration, electric vehicles || Grid interaction, critical points, and cost/benefit analysis.

Undergraduate researcher: Design a spray-based battery laminate coater

We seek a motivated undergraduate with skills in mechanical design and Labview programming to design a spray coating system for battery electrode fabrication. A minimum of junior level is ideal however skilled sophomores will be considered. The project can be undertaken for elective credits (preferred).

Ph.D. candidate: Lithium-sulfur

A motivated Ph.D. student for the design and fundamental study of Lithium-sulfur batteries. Focus of project is on electrolyte formulation to mitigate polysulfide shuttling. Project will be coupled with electrode design and operando probing of electrochemical reactions using spectroscopy and X-ray tools.

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