Just in Time Parenting (JITP) is a non-profit organization bringing high-quality, research-based information to new parents and parents-to-be. JITP distributes age-paced newsletters to subscribers, educating them on their child’s development and providing them with helpful tips and tools for their  job as parents.

Our vision is to see great children growing up in healthy families. We want to help you make this happen in your family!

Why? Kids grow up fast and it’s hard to keep up! JITP provides ideas for keeping everyone in the family healthy and happy.

What do we do?  One of our main services is our newsletter, which offers information and perspective to guide you through your child’s development. Our newsletters cover the stages of a child’s growth ranging from the first trimester of pregnancy, through your child’s fifth year.

Where do I sign up? 

* Please note that the print copy of the newsletter goes up to age 3.


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