FLUIDOMANOS: YouTube Channel

Finding a good material in Fluid Mechanics for Hispanic people could be a very difficult task on YouTube. Some channels are focusing in solving classical book problems without clear theoretical explanation. This addresses some students and professionals to believe that replacing numbers into a formula is a good understanding of the physical phenomenon. The problem arises when people must face a new challenges, which is not like any solved example. This is one of the biggest challenges in educational formation. With this motivation, Fluidomanos was created to help Hispanic people who want to learn Fluid Mechanics with a fundamental solid knowledge. The strategy is to explain theory and practice problems, trying with the best pedagogy possible for different levels. Moreover, Fluidomanos has a special section to divulge fluid studies from conference, experiments and papers to motivate students to do research since it is one of the best ways to learn.

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Another way to increase knowledge about fluids is through the small post. This activity is carried out on the Facebook since it is one of the biggest social media used by Hispanic people. The main goal is to give some information about presence of fluids in real life. Some of the posts come from high academic researcher, news, cool photos/videos, Youtube Channel, or just general information. Everything with the intention to establish better education. In addition, this Fun Page allows an extraordinary interaction with public, solving or discussing any topic related to fluids.