There will be adjustments made to the campus I.P. (Data) Network due to the relocation of electrical service in Room 315C in Lerner Hall on Monday, June 24th at the following buildings on campus:

Lerner Hall
Ewing Hall
English Language Institute
183 West Main Street
Belmont House
175 West Main Street
Center for the Arts Parking Garage
Amy DuPont Music Building
150 South College Ave
25 Amstel Ave
44 Kent Way
111 South Main Street
31 Amstel Ave
24 Kent Way
Newark Municipal Building
Conover East
Conover West
4 Kent Way
192 South College Ave
180 South College Ave
186 South College Ave
15 Kent Way
164 South College Ave
196 South College Ave
Alpha Phi
University Visitors Center
Presidents House

This work should NOT create a network outage but we would like to announce that the work is taking place in the event any issues arise.

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