Welcome to the University of Delaware (UD) Office of Internal Audit and Compliance.

The Office of Internal Audit and Compliance serves as a proactive partner with UD’s management and staff to enhance business processes and internal controls, and monitor compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

We provide services in distinct, yet related, disciplines. Our purpose is to support the mission of the University of Delaware by:

  • Providing an independent, fair and objective appraisal of UD’s operational, financial, compliance, and reputational risks
  • Serving and safeguarding our community by recognizing risks in what we do and mitigating those risks
  • Promoting a University-wide culture of compliance and ethics

Everyone shares the responsibility of protecting UD assets. Be alert and recognize control weaknesses that may result in losses or inefficiencies. We are available to assist you in establishing an effective internal control and compliance framework.

We welcome your feedback and are continually improving our services to better support the mission of UD. Please feel free to contact us if we may be of service to you or your department.