About Me

I am a fourth-year PhD candidate at the University of Delaware (UD), and currently working with Prof. Andreas Malikopoulos in the Information and Decision Science (IDS) Laboratory  at Cornell University.

My primary area of research focuses on developing an optimal decision-making framework for connected and automated vehicles (CAVs), particularly bridging the gap between routing, coordination, and controls. I’m deeply passionate about finding innovative solutions to tackle the complex challenges in emerging mobility systems.

Furthermore, my interests extend to the societal challenges that come up with the growth of emerging mobility systems, such as addressing issues of mobility equity. My work is also expanding to explore decentralized control and human-robot interaction. This research could potentially be extended to encompass multi-agent systems interacting with humans, which can be utilized for various applications such as indoor/warehouse mobile robot, unmanned aerial vehicles, and other cooperative robot systems.

Visit our Labs’ YouTube channels to get a taste of what I have done so far:

(PhD) IDS Lab  /  (MS) ECL

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