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Thank for your interest in using the GoBabyGo name. The GoBabyGo project was started at the University of Delaware adopted by schools and service groups around the world. Its mission has focused on increasing mobility and quality of life solutions for children whose access to such may be limited during their early developmental years for a variety of reasons. It was always intended to be an innovative movement for inclusiveness, and its growth is a testimony to the project’s success. Centered around the modification of ride-on cars for children with disabilities, the network of engaged participants and leaders has expanded as individuals and organizations independently spearhead their own programs to build ride-on cars for children in their communities. As such, we believe there should be no restrictions on the continued development of GoBabyGo programs wherever they are needed; the University of Delaware has voluntarily chosen to “donate” the use of the GoBabyGo name in connection with modified electric vehicles operable by children to the world. By releasing to the public domain any trademark rights that it may have in the GoBabyGo name, the University of Delaware is hoping to facilitate other independent initiatives to help bring this valuable mission to their community

Where can I go for more information?

GoBabyGo manual, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

  • The manual is a compilation of all of our relevant materials that may be useful to you as a parent, clinician, or researcher when modifying your car or developing driving activities for your child.
  • The Facebook page is a great place not only to see updates from the project and relevant news stories but also to connect with other families and clinicians. Moreover, the page contains photos and videos of ride-cars modified by parents, clinicians, and the GoBabyGo team. These photos and videos may give you additional ideas for modifying and using your ride-on cars.
  • The YouTube channel includes several how-to videos that demonstrate how-to make basic modifications to ride-on cars.

Where can I get a modified ride-on car?

We currently do not have a system in place to modify and ship ride-on cars on a large scale. We are a research lab that studies the effects of kiddos using ride-on cars (hint- there are benefits!). There are many different ride-on cars available for purchase at your local ToysRUs. The best strategy is to share the aforementioned resources with your child’s therapy team and work together to choose and modify a car. It is especially important to make sure all modifications are ‘checked’ as safe by an expert (an engineer). We promise the modifications are super simple! But, it’s always best to have someone help out to ensure safety.

Another strategy is to post on our Facebook page and make a ‘call’ to others who may be local to your area. It’s quite possible there are others near you who are interested in modifying ride-on cars and teamwork is always better!

What if my child needs (or wants) a bigger car?

There are a couple of key issues when considering to modify a larger ride-on car. The “Big Red” adapted switch uses wires that are too small in diameter to be used with a larger, 12v ride-on car. It is important that the wire diameter of any new switch, matches the wire diameter of the existing wire within the ride-on car. If this advice is not followed, there is a good possibility of the wires overhearing or possible even catching fire. There are electrical modifications that can ‘get around’ this issue by installing a relay. However, we have not made these modifications. This is NOT the only safety issue, just an example. Our best advice is to contact a local engineer or electrical expert- they will be able to help to safely modify a ride-on car.

How do I get the GBG team to come to our area to lead a workshop or training?

Stay current with our Facebook updates. We have several workshops coming up and we will announce dates/locations. If there is one coming up near you, send us an email with “Workshop [enter location here] Information.” Then, we can connect you with the appropriate individuals. If you’re interested in hosting a workshop, send a request for more info (include “Hosting a Workshop” in the subject line), and we can send you more detailed information.

How can I help?

  1. Start your own GBG program. Due to the number of requests that we have received, we do not have enough resources to actively help everyone set up their own program at this time. That said, we are currently creating an international directory of individuals who are leading local GBG programs, as well developing a guide to help those interested in starting their own program. Stay tuned to Facebook for updates about the status of these materials. In the meantime, connect with the growing number of people around the world who are posting on Facebook about programs they have started (or plan to start) in their area. Connecting with other program starters–in conjunction with reading our downloadable modification manual and the wealth of other information posted by us and others on Facebook–will give you the necessary tools to start your own program as soon as you are ready. Take all of our resources and run with them.
  2. Spread the word! Simply let others know about the project and its importance.
  3. After you have modified your child’s ride-on car, post photos and videos of it on our Facebook page in order to give others ideas for how to modify and use their own cars.
  4. Monetary donations are certainly accepted and greatly appreciated. These donations can be used in a variety of ways, including providing ride-on cars to children with special needs local to the University of Delaware or otherwise funding our lab’s various research projects. The easiest way to donate is through our secure website,, and enter “GoBabyGo” in the “Other” designation box. If you prefer to mail a check, make it payable to University of Delaware and mailed to the attention of GoBabyGo at the Department of Development and Alumni Relations, 83 East Main Street, Third Floor, Newark, DE 19716.Either way, 100% of your donation will fund GoBabyGo Research and Development!
  5. Ride-on car donations: Currently, we do not have space to accept ride-on car donations. However, there may be clinicians in your area who want to start a GBG program and car donations may be the perfect fit for them. You can also connect with others through Facebook for this purpose as well.

Are there any internship/research assistant/academic collaborations available?

Always. We do not necessarily have funding to support these types of activities but we are always happy to discuss these opportunities. Please send resume/CV and a description of how you could fit in this role.

We hope you find this information helpful! Please take our materials, get a local team together, and start your own GoBabyGo program!

If you need information, please let us know and we will do everything we can to help.

Cheers, GoBabyGo!

P.S. Please be patient with waiting for a response. We try to answer emails ASAP, but sometimes we get behind.

July 2024